Intelligent systems for smart devices

About MiSim is the home of MiSim® intelligent systems.
We develop applications for smart and intelligent devices such as Intermec and Zebra programmable printers, Code Corporation imagers and various mobile devices.
Our products include printer simulators, re-formatters, and turnkey solutions for a variety of industries.

We started developing applications for UBI programmable printers in 1994 and become one of the leading developers in the United States.

Intermec later purchased UBI and the DASCO - MiSim team was selected as one of four software solution providers they would recommend to customers. Today, we develop applications for Intermec customers and partners.

We also develop applications for other smart devices such as PDA's and programmable data collection devices.

Recently, Zebra re-introduced the Zebra Basic Interpreter and MiSim is positioned to develop intelligent printing solutions on this platform.

We often partner with Dasco systems to provide our customers complete solutions encompassing the correct hardware, software and supplies.

MiSim is directly involved with healthcare standards activities and also works with printer, scanner and medical device manufacturers to build better products and systems.

We provide custom software development and consulting services.

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