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Product Focus - CodeCorp imagers and MiSim applications

CodeCorp Imagers - Advanced programming capabilities
MiSim develops software applications for the CodeCorp family of imagers. These imagers feature a JavaScript engine that can be leveraged to create a range of applications ranging from simple parsing to complete data collection applicatons. Shown below is MiSimPDS on a Code Corp CR3 imager. This application tracks medications delivered to floor unit locations. The employee id, delivery location, dose tracking number nad date and time are recorded on the device. The companion MiSimPDS application for a PC workstation handles downloading data from the CR3 and transmittal to the host information systems. The CR3 communicates to the PC via a BlueTooth link.

MiSimPDS on the CR3 after an IV label has been scanned
The user can scan another dose or a new location.

The companion MiSim PDS application for the PC

The application can store data locally when there are network issues.

2D Symbol Content

MiSimPDS reads three 2D symbols to collect employee, location and dose tracking information. The employee and dose tracking symbols are part for the ANSI\HIBC 3.0 standard. The location symbol follws the architecture but is not part of the standard.

Employee Badge:






What the application reads

The CR3 application uses the tags in the 2D symbols to determine what type of data it is reading and the appropriate records to parse.

For the employee badge, the CUI|PharmacyEmpID|HM9910|MGH Custom User Identifier record is parsed and HM9910 extracted.

For the location, the LOC|PHARMACYDELIVERY|E03 Location record is parsed and the delivery location E03 is extracted.

For the medication, the DTI|7213400|1000000000012345 Dose Tracking Information record is parsed and the ddose tracking number 1000000000012345 is extracted,

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