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Product Focus - MiSim DPI - Direct Protocol Interceptor

MiSim DPI - Advanced printer applications with the Intermec Direct Protocol
MiSim DPI is a printer resident middleware application that processes Intermec Direct Protocol print streams. The Intermec Direct Protocol is the most common operating mode of Intermec Fingerprint-based printers. MiSim DPI provides a platform for building printer applications for hosts using Direct Protocol drivers.

An example MiSim DPI Application
A manufacturing facility wanted to capture which employee packed a product and include this information on a serialized label generated on a host system. The label printers were located on the packing area production floor. The host system utilizes the Intermec Direct Protocol to send label print jobs to the packing station printers. The labels are serialized by the host resulting in several hundred labels being sent to the printer for a typical production run. A MiSim DPI based application was developed that collects all of the serialed labels into a job and propmts for an employee to scan their id badge on a badge reader connected to the printer. The printer then prints the labels and replaces a "Packed By" phrase in the label date with "Packed By" + the employee name.

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