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News - MiSim adds ANSI\HIBC 3.1 to MiSim applications

ANSI\HIBC 3.1 includes new records to improve medication safety
MiSim has added support for the ANSI\HIBC 3.1 standard in selected applications. The updated standard includes new DXA and DXC records for encoding ingredients and strengths for combination drugs. The unique identifers for ingredients are published by the FDA. Medication administration applications can now directly track the amounts of ingredients given to a patient.

An example ANSI|HIBC 3.1 encoded combination medication

This is an example of Calcium Citrate and Vitamin D in a combination cap.

DIA|00178081512||CALCIUM CITRATE(Ca++) 315MG\VITAMIN D 200 UNITS|315|MG|1|CAP|1|00002D|20080904|CAP||44491|FDG
DXA|00178081512||MLM29U2X85|1|CALCIUM CITRATE(Ca++)|315|MG|1|CAP
DXA|00178081512||9VU1KI44GP|1|VITAMIN D|200|UNITS|1|CAP

The above example is for illustrative purposes only.

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