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News - MiSim implements SmartIV printing to Zebra printers equipped with ZBI 2.0

March 2008
MiSim adds Zebra printers to its intelligent printing products.

With the introduction by Zebra of the Zebra Basic Interpreter to their line of printers, MiSim has added
Zebra printers equipped with ZBI 2.0 to the list of products capable of hosting SmartIV printing and other
MiSim intelligent printing solutions.
A ZM400 printer with SmartIV software will be on display at the MiSim and Dasco booth (#223)
at the unSummit 2008 conference. The particular demonstration application generates ANSI/HIBC 3.0
IV pump programming symbols from Meditech data streams.

The Zebra ZM400 printer

A SmartIV demo label printed on the ZM400

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