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SmartIV - MiSim® SmartIV printing systems produce 2D symbolsfor "smart" infusion pumps

SmartIV Systems

ALARIS Barcode Module
MiSimAIV software produces 2D programming symbols for ALARIS pumps. The printer-resident software reads and parses the label text data, validates thre required data and genertes the symbol.
The Smiths-Deltec CADD-Prizm PCSII is the first infusion pump that supports the ANSI\HIBC 3.0 standards.
It does so via a link to a PC with bar-code enabled management software. In the first implementation, MiSim MLPS produces the IV labels.
MiSim MLPS and ANSI\HIBC 3.0 Label
This is a sample label produced by MiSim MLPS incorperating an ANSI\HIBC 3.0 symbol to program the CADD-Prizm PCSII pump.

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