Intelligent systems for smart devices

Welcome to is the home of MiSim® intelligent systems.
We develop applications for smart and intelligent devices such as Intermec and Zebra programmable printers, Code Corporation imagers and various mobile devices.
Our products include printer simulators, re-formatters, and turnkey solutions for a variety of industries, with specialization in healthcare.

News and Events
MiSim adds ANSI\HIBC 3.1
to MiSim MLPS

New DXA and DXC records enable encoding ingredients and strengths in combination drugs. More>
MiSim brings SmartIV printing
technology to Zebra printers

The Zebra Basic Interpreter 2.0 adds intelligent printing capabilities to the Zebra product line. More>
MiSim adds Aztec structured
append capabilities to Code Corp imagers

Data conveyed in multiple aztec symbols can now be read by Code imagers with the addition of MiSim software. More>
Product Focus
MiSim Direct Protocol Interceptor
- Building Intermec Direct Protocol Applications
MiSim recently shipped MiSim DPI (Direct Protocol Interceptor) that enables building printer-based applications for printing systems utilizing Intermec's Direct Protocol. Learn more>
Code Corporation CR2 and CR3
- Programmable imagers.
These imagers are unique in that they can be programmed in JavaScript for advanced decoding and parsing functionality.
We also develop turnkey applications for these devices.
Learn more>
Last updated on 02/15/2012

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